MEHYCOR light - Lightweight Aluminum Cylinders & Jacks. MEHYCOR light - Lightweight Aluminum Hand Pumps. The World's Largest Selection of Lightweight Aluminum Hydraulic Products.

The company «MEHYCOR» is the first and only company in world that offers its customers the most comprehensive range of aluminum hydraulic jacks and cylinders, as well as aluminum hand pumps for their operation.

When creating a new line of aluminum products, we have studied and taken into account the experience of leading world manufacturers of hydraulic equipment that offer products of aluminum. Many companies from Canada and the United States up to Taiwan and Korea have in their catalog - products of aluminum. However, each of them individually, covers only part of the market demand for these products.

We combined all the offers of these companies and created our own line of aluminum products - «MEHYCOR light».

Utilizing the latest in Alloy technology, high-strength coatings, seal design and bearing materials, the new line of aluminum cylinders «MEHYCOR light», can change the way you think about high-pressure cylinders and their applications.

Our cylinders and pumps «MEHYCOR light» combine the strength of steel with light weight, transportability, ease of positioning and corrosion resistance of aluminum.

«Environmental responsibility» it is cornerstone of any community-oriented corporation. In company «MEHYCOR» environmental responsibility is implemented at all life stages of the product: manufacturing, exploitation and utilization. Cooperation «MEHYCOR» and the Customer, in part preservation of the environment, occurs in all phases of exploitation and utilization of the product:

- Products of aluminum are resistant to corrosion, influence of external factors (aggressive environment) and works much longer than the products of steel. Thus, in the long term, at industrial enterprises is formed a much smaller industrial waste (in the form of steel cylinders that have completed their life cycle).

- The ability of aluminum products for recycling, not comparable with steel. This introduces huge contribution to the preservation of natural resources and the environment. Approximately 80% of aluminum products today manufactured from aluminum scrap and again comes to recycling after use.

Moreover, we have done everything possible to ensure the maximum the affordability of our products for You - our Customers. Now, you can buy aluminum jacks and hand pumps «MEHYCOR light» at prices comparable to the prices of similar, by technical parameters, steel jacks and hand pumps, which are offered in the market by other manufacturers and suppliers.



                          ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY!                  


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