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Aluminum single-acting hollow plunger cylinders MSHA Series

  • Hollow plunger cylinder design allows for both pull and push forces for different applications.
  • Single-acting, spring return.
  • Steel base plate and saddle for protection against load induced damage.
  • Hard Coat finish on all surfaces resists damage and extends cylinder life.
  • Threaded holes at the bottom for easy and convenient mounting and fixturing.
  • Availability of the handle for easy carrying.
  • As a source of hydraulic power, it is recommended to use light-weight aluminum hand pumps «MEHYCOR light» one-flow MHPA-I series.

ModelCapacityStroke Height (Н)Outside Diameter (B)Central Hole (d)WeightPrice DES (Port of buyer)OrderAnalogues
(tons)(mm)(mm)(mm)(mm)(kg)(USD)(pcs)ENERPAC / LARZEP
MSHA2022050188113275,2640 RACH202 / SAH02205
MSHA20420100251113276,1811 RACH204 / SAH02210
MSHA20620150315113277983 RACH206 / SAH02215
MSHA20820200378113277,91154 RACH208 / SAH02220
MSHA201020250442113278,81326 RACH2010 / SAH02225
MSHA3023050208138348780 RACH302 / SAH03005
MSHA30430100267138349,6967 RACH304 / SAH03010
MSHA306301503331383411,21154 RACH306 / SAH03015
MSHA308302003951383412,81342 RACH308 / SAH03020
MSHA3010302504581383414,41530 RACH3010 / SAH03025
MSHA60260502511975416,21421 RACH602 / SAH06005
MSHA604601003151975419,51705 RACH604 / SAH06010
MSHA606601503801975422,81965 RACH606 / SAH06015
MSHA608602004451975426,12224 RACH608 / SAH06020
MSHA6010602505101975429,42483 RACH6010 / SAH06025
MSHA1002100502582707936,42690 RACH1002 / SAH10005
MSHA10041001003252707941,33048 RACH1004 / SAH10010
MSHA10061001503912707946,23600 RACH1006 / SAH10015
MSHA10081002004592707951,13799 RACH1008 / SAH10020
MSHA1001010025052727079564104 RACH10010 / SAH10025


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