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Aluminum single-acting lock nut cylinders MSLA Series

  • Safety lock nut for mechanical fixation of plunger and hold of load in the lifted position for extended periods.
  • Single-acting, spring return.
  • Steel base plate and saddle for protection against load induced damage.
  • Hard Coat finish on all surfaces resists damage and extends cylinder life.
  • Overflow port functions as a stroke limiter.
  • Availability of handle or eye bolts for easy carrying.
  • As a source of hydraulic power, it is recommended to use light-weight aluminum hand pumps «MEHYCOR light» one-flow MHPA-I series.


Model CapacityStrokeHeight (Н)Outside Diameter (B)WeightPrice DES (Port of buyer)OrderAnalogues
(tons)(mm)(mm)(mm)(kg)(USD)(pcs)Enerpac     / Simplex  // LARZEP
MSLA20220502091034,3364 RACL202
MSLA204201002591034,9392 RACL204
MSLA206201503091035,5452 RACL206
MSLA208202003591036,1522 RACL208
MSLA2010202504091036,7598 RACL2010
MSLA30230502161085,4553 RACL302     // SAT03005
MSLA304301002661086,1643 RACL304     // SAT03010
MSLA306301503161086,8719 RACL306     // SAT03015
MSLA308302003661087,5755 RACL308     // SAT03020
MSLA3010302504161088,2826 RACL3010   // SAT03025
MSLA50250502211389,3703 RACL502 / RAL502 // SAT 05005
MSLA5045010027113810,6848 RACL504 / RAL504 // SAT05010
MSLA5065015032113811,91026 RACL506 / RAL506 // SAT05015
MSLA5085020037113813,21062 RACL508 // SAT05020
MSLA50105025042113814,51186 RACL5010 / RAL5010 // SAT05025
MSLA10021005027119721,91144 RACL1002 / RAL1002 // SAT10005
MSLA100410010032119724,21297 RACL1004 / RAL1004 // SAT10010
MSLA100610015037119726,51650 RACL1006 / RAL1006 // SAT10015
MSLA100810020042119728,81990 RACL1008 // SAT10020
MSLA1001010025047119731,12241 RACL10010 / RAL10010 // SAT10025
MSLA15021505029324532,21800 RACL1502 / RAL1502 // SAT 14005
MSLA150415010034324536,21917 RACL1504 // SAT14010
MSLA150615015039324540,22093 RACL1506 / RAL1506 // SAT14015
MSLA150815020044324544,22399 RACL1508 // SAT14020
MSLA1501015025049324548,22621 RACL15010 / RAL15010 // SAT14025
MSLA20022005032027057,82598 // SAT20005
MSLA200420010037027063,72805 // SAT20010
MSLA200620015042027069,62999 // SAT20015
MSLA200820020047027075,43550 // SAT20020
MSLA2001020025052027081,33999 // SAT20025


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