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Aluminum hand pumps one-flow MHPA-I Series

  • A series of one-flow aluminum hand pumps for single-acting hydraulic cylinders and jacks.
  • All pumps have a two-speed oil flow for more efficient operation with the hydraulic cylinders and jacks with a large volume of oil.
  • Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection of the pump from exceeding of rated pressure.
  • The use of high-strength aluminum alloy for all pump parts and their reliable protective coating provides a light-weight and significantly extends the life of the product.
  • Attention! In the selection of a pump model for a particular application should be guided by the value of "Usable Oil Capacity" of the tank. The company "MEHYCOR" guarantees the declared value of "Usable Oil Capacity" of the tank, which is listed in the product specifications.
Model Total / Usable Oil CapacityWorking pressure 1st stage /   2nd stage        Flow rate 1st stage / 2nd stageDimensions BxLxHWeight (without oil) Price DES (Port of buyer)OrderAnalogues
(cm³)(MPa)(cm³/stroke)(mm)(kg)(USD)(pcs)Power Team / Hi-Force / Enerpac / Eagle Pro
MHPA03521400/3502,0/7013/2,5130х370х1402,5472 P19L /…// P142 /// EPA-10521
MHPA10211400/10002,0/7013/2,5100х450х1503,9549 P59L / HP212 // P393
MHPA20212500/20002,0/7013/2,5100х600х1504,6712 / HP232
MHPA35214000/35002,0/7013/2,5150х650х1506,6760 //P802


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