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The MEHYCOR company provides a guarantee for all the products, at normal and the correct use.
Guarantee restrictions.
The guarantee doesn't extend on the following cases:
on normal wear
changes in a product design (including repair or attempt of repair of the organizations, besides partners of the MEHYCOR company)
application of not recommended hydraulic liquids
use not to destination or with operation manual violation.
This guarantee extends only on the new products acquired directly from partners of MEHYCOR of the company. Nobody has the right to change or supplement these guarantees.
If the buyer considers that the product is defective and there has to be a guarantee, this product (together with the passport, allowing to identify a product) have to be directed to the address of the partner of MEHYCOR, having paid delivery cost. Experts of MEHYCOR will carry out the qualified examination. If defect is connected with production of a product, this product will be repaired or replaced at the expense of MEHYCOR. If in a product defects for the reason which doesn't become covered by a guarantee are found, such product will be repaired and sent at the expense of the Buyer.
Compensations in the form of repair, replacement or product return, is an exclusive remedy of the rights of the Buyer.
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